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Rosa Cuisine

An open kitchen for more conviviality!

Today, we put ALL on the open kitchen! More convivial, family and welcoming, it perfectly matches our current lifestyle. Open to the dining room or living room, functional and often spacious, open kitchen seduces us always more.

It’s like the kitchen of a loft where you do not have separate rooms but a kind of open space, without partitions that allows you to move freely and especially to have larger and more comfortable rooms. This is convenient, especially for the person who cooks and who can at the same time converse with his family or guests.

You have more or less two possibilities – whether the kitchen is linked to the dining room or dining room (or simply to the dining table), or it continues straight into the living room. The second possibility, less logical, but more intriguing, would be a good solution for small spaces. The mix between open kitchen and living room, with a kind of bar with high chairs, will be a superb design idea, especially for parties with friends.

The central island is very trendy but will suit more in a large room. It allows to benefit from a large work plan. One can also settle around for lunch and it also allows extra storage with low cupboards. The island can accommodate the cooking space and / or the sink.

In both cases, think of your lighting! Above an island, we will of course opt for suspensions. In smaller kitchens with bar furniture or not, a false ceiling with recessed spotlights will delimit the kitchen area from the rest of the room.

If you opt for a kitchen with white or light elements, a color on the wall can bring a lot of character and warmth to your space. Then bring the final touch with some decorative accessories!

Many solutions exist to optimize spaces. However, it will take the configuration of your home to find the best!

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